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D.gnu - testing folder in GDC

I have added something new to the GDC branch. There is now a folder named
"samples", where I plan to place samples of D code to make sure everything
works properly on the user's operating system/configuration, and to show off
parts of the D language.

I'm hoping that the samples will help test for anything that may vary between
systems. (ex: version specific things in Phobos) If the user can compile
everything correctly, they should be confident that they have a fairly stable
GDC installation.

Some things that I think would be appropriate to put it in would be a simple
program that should compile(void main() { } ), the Hello World, Reloaded
example on the Digital Mars D front page(digitalmars.com/d/1.0) and the word
count program that is linked to from the D front page.(/d/1.0/wc.html) Some
examples included in the dmd samples folder might be included as well.

There is some more about this in the README file in d/samples/README. 
If anyone has any suggestions on things to add, how I should run the test, etc,
feel free to say something.
Here is where you can check:

-Michael P.
Dec 24 2009