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D.gnu - status of GDC integration into GCC

reply =?UTF-8?B?IlRow6lv?= Bueno" <munrek gmx.com> writes:
Hello there,

I know there has been work to enable such an integration, and 
there also has been several tries, the last one was on GCC 4.8 
which failed for some reason I can not find on any mailing list.

Now GCC 4.9 has been released two days ago, and still no news 
about GDC integration. I know you guys have a lot of work 
maintaining GDC and synchronizing with latest D versions, but can 
you clarify some points ? I think this is important for everyone 
to understand what is the situation, and what are the needs of 
GDC to succeed this.

- Why GCC 4.8 integration has failed ?
- What GCC team is expecting for a future integration ?
- What work needs to be done technically in GDC code ?
- What GDC needs in terms of contributions ?

I don't have to say that D support in GCC would be a giant leap 
for our community, and also for D to spread, and I am sure if we 
know more exactly what are the problems that prevent this 
integration, we could better fight them.

Apr 24 2014
parent Dejan Lekic <dejan.lekic gmail.com> writes:
 - What GDC needs in terms of contributions ?
Anyone can contribute, as you already know. 1) Doing code reviews on GitHub is already good enough contribution. 2) Packaging (AND MAINTAINING the packages!) GDC for environments where GDC is not yet present is also a good contribution as it will improve the "visibility" of the project. 3) Testing on the platform you need GDC to run nicely on is also a good contribution.... -- http://dejan.lekic.org
May 02 2014