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D.gnu - The garbage collector is closing stdout on powerpc-linux-gnu...

reply Matt Brandt <justmattb walkingdog.net> writes:
The following trivial program shows the problem:
import std.stdio;
import std.gc;

void	main(char[][] args)
	writefln("before full_collect");
	writefln("after full_collect");
when this is run the first message prints, but the second message doesn't. I've
verified that the file descriptor (2) is actually closed by substituting a
direct call to C write for the output statements as well. I'm running a gdc
0.22/gcc-4.1.0 cross compiler (on x86).

Needless to say, it makes debugging difficult when output goes away...

Any ideas?

Mar 12 2007
parent Matt Brandt <justmattb walkingdog.net> writes:
After a bit of experimentation I've tracked this problem down to the fact that
I compiled my libgphobos as a shared library. If I move the shared library
aside so that libgphobos.a is used to link statically then everything works as

I'm guessing that this really boils down to the garbage collector not assigning
root to some of the data areas in the shared library, but not knowing much
about the garbage collector code it will be a slow ride to victory. If anyone
out there is familiar with the garbage collector enough to help debug this
problem I'll be happy to provide my makefile for building a shared libgphobos
so you can duplicate the effect. I doubt that it is really architecture

Mar 16 2007