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D.gnu - Status of gdmd

Hello all,

So, I finally bit the bullet and built latest git-HEAD gdc on top of 
latest-svn-checkout gcc (and on top of a new pre-alpha Ubuntu 14.04 to boot).

All went fine with the build, which was configured with

     ../gcc-trunk/configure --enable-languages=d --enable-multiarch 
--enable-checking=release --prefix=/opt/gdc

However, on my first attempt at compiling a simple program, I was greeted with
slew of "undefined reference" errors, seemingly covering just about everything 
in my program and everything it used in druntime and Phobos.

I was compiling using the gdmd wrapper (the perl script), so just to check, I 
tried compiling using gdc directly, and indeed, it compiled fine and without 

So, what's changed with gdc that the perl script might no longer function?  And 
working on the assumption that it's reached its natural end of life, what's the 
status of the D port of it? :-)

Thanks & best wishes,

     -- Joe
Dec 15 2013