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D.gnu - New branch in GDC

reply "Iain Buclaw" <ibuclaw gdcproject.org> writes:
A new branch in GDC has been created.


The master branch shall continue on being closely working with 
upstream development in GCC. So unless you enjoy being on 
bleeding edge, this is the branch you'd want to checkout when 
building gdc.


Expecting the auto-tester to break.  How far have you gotten with 
recognising our handy GCC version hints?


Apr 27 2014
parent "Dicebot" <public dicebot.lv> writes:
Arch Linux has just switched to 4.9 gcc version, matching gdc 
packages will be deployed shortly (building those right now).

This means one less user of 4.8 branch ;)
May 02 2014