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D.gnu - GDC on OSX - compilation error

reply "amirabiri" <sorry spam.bots.com> writes:
I'm trying to compile GDC on Mac OSX, and I hit the "Not
Implemented" assertion in thread.d of phobos:

                   pop RBX;
                   pop RBP;

                   // 'return' to complete switch
                   pop RCX;
                   jmp RCX;
           else static if( __traits( compiles, ucontext_t ) )
               Fiber   cfib = Fiber.getThis();
               void*   ucur = cfib.m_ucur;

               *oldp = &ucur;
               swapcontext( **(cast(ucontext_t***) oldp),
                             *(cast(ucontext_t**)  newp) );
               static assert(0, "Not implemented");
(line 3365);

I am using:
    - latest GDC code from Github, branch gdc-4.9
    - Mac OSX 10.9.4.
    - GCC 4.9.1 installed via homebrew, I am setting export CC=...
and export CXX=....
    - GCC 4.9.1 sources downloaded from a mirror as per the
instructions in http://wiki.dlang.org/GDC/Installation/Generic.
    - Configure command: ../../gcc-4.9.1/configure
--enable-languages=d --disable-bootstrap --prefix=/usr/local/gdc
    - make CFLAGS='-w' CXXFLAGS='-w'

Am I doing something wrong, or is GDC currently uncompilable on
Sep 01 2014
parent "amirabiri" <amir abiri.org> writes:
Sorry, GDC's directory name 'libphobos' is misleading, the error 
is in druntime's thread.d. phobos doesn't have a thread.d.
Sep 01 2014