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D.gnu - GCC 4.3 - some patches

reply Lorenzo Villani <lvillani binaryhelix.net> writes:
Hi, I made some patches for GCC 4.3.1.
These patches are only for build system side, and are adapted from 4.1.x
patches (GCC 4.3 seems to use a slightly modified build system).
These files were made in about 45 minutes by a person who doesn't know GCC and
it's build system at all, so a review is still required. I tested the patched
build system a bit and I found that it correctly begins building gdc, however
there are some missing functions in d-lang.cc.
I couldn't test the patched build system more because of compilation error
(which you can find here: http://rafb.net/p/Oj7KXP81.html , if you see strange
characters like â€~ it's most probably a quote).

I hope that gdc will work with GCC 4.3 soon so that it can have more chances to
get into Fedora 9.
Jun 08 2008
parent Lorenzo Villani <lvillani binaryhelix.net> writes:
Lorenzo Villani wrote:

Ops, I forgot to post a link to the patches.
Here you go: http://binaryhelix.net/patches-4.3.1.tar.gz

Inside the tarball there's a standard patch file created using diff (not
tested, yet, my bad) and a directory containing all modified files.
Jun 08 2008