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D.gnu - Compiler bugs triggered by or via Tango

I mentioned in a different post that we try to keep track of compiler (and
other tools) bugs that affect Tango in one way or other, whether totally
not working or workaroundable.

All such bugs that are confirmed, are listed on this page:


We have several more that are likely to belong on that list, but that are
not yet confirmed, either because it is difficult or tedious to do so. Most
of those are related to GDC.

This is mostly a FYI post, as someone may find the page interesting. Some of
the bugs I consider rather serious though, and so I hope that some of them
may gain some traction through this. FWIW, these are all D 1.0 issues.

Lars Ivar Igesund
blog at http://larsivi.net
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Dancing the Tango
Apr 14 2008