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D.gnu - Building GDC (MinGW32)

No matter how hard I try, I find myself unable to build GDC (D2, GCC
4.5.2) by following the directions at:

I'm on Win7/64bit. Is there some sort of directions that I can follow or
something I'm missing? It will always error out in the middle of
building inside the GCC code (usually after it has compiled GDC files).
Do these build instructions work for others?

I've had two different errors depending on what I try, one of them was
eventually it erroring about not finding dllexport.o or something. I
can't remember what the other error was (if I build with mingw gcc I get
the dllexport error, if I build with tdm gcc 4.5.2's gcc I get the other

If I can build a Windows hosted version inside Ubuntu that would be fine

It's been several weeks since a binary release was made and I was hoping
to just use some newer code.

Jun 04 2011