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D.gnu - [Bug 116] New: Build script and infrastructure to produce and

Date: Mon, 7 Apr 2014 15:31:11 +0100
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            Bug ID: 116
           Summary: Build script and infrastructure to produce and release
                    Windows binaries.
    Classification: Unclassified
           Product: GDC
           Version: development
          Hardware: All
                OS: All
            Status: NEW
          Severity: enhancement
          Priority: Normal
         Component: gdc
          Assignee: ibuclaw gdcproject.org
          Reporter: bruno.do.medeiros+gdcbugz gmail.com

I would like to use the latest stable/released GDC on Windows, but I find
having to build it myself to be annoying and error-prone.

This enhancement request is for an automated build script to be developed, that
allows creating Windows binaries, such that the GDC developers (as well as a
continuous integration server) can automatically produce Windows binaries, and
these can then be released to the public.

Note: the reason I ask for this to build on a CI server is not really for
continuous builds, but just to validate that the build scripts works
independently of a particular developers machine.

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Apr 07 2014