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D.gnu - [Bug 106] New: [ARM] pragma(mangle) not working if -fsection-anchors


             Bug #: 106
           Summary: [ARM] pragma(mangle) not working if -fsection-anchors
                    is enabled
    Classification: Unclassified
           Product: GDC
           Version: development
          Platform: ARM
        OS/Version: All
            Status: NEW
          Severity: minor
          Priority: Normal
         Component: gdc
        AssignedTo: ibuclaw gdcproject.org
        ReportedBy: johannespfau gmail.com

__gshared pragma(mangle, "test_эльфийские_письмена_9") int
__gshared extern pragma(mangle, "test_эльфийские_письмена_9")
int test9_1_e;

void main()
    test9_1 = 42;
    assert(test9_1_e == 42);
Compile with '-O2'

Problem: GCC references test9_1 via section anchors, test9_1_e is always done
via a linker relocation to test_эльфийские_письмена_9. The
backend then doesn't
realize that test9_1 and test9_1_e are actually the same variable and switches
the order of the assignment and the assert.

The same as a C example:
int test9_1 asm ("test_эльфийские_письмена_9");
extern int test9_1_e asm ("test_эльфийские_письмена_9");

int main()
    test9_1 = 42;
    return test9_1_e == 42;

Works as expected.

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Feb 15 2014