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D.gnu - A few questions about x3.

I work with Vincent Richomme, who has posted here few weeks ago, on building
a D cross compiler for ARM smartphone running WinCE.

Currently, during the compilation of our toolchain, we get some trouble with
the generation of errno.d from errno.x3. I have tried to understand what x3 is
and how it works and it seems to be a tool that builds D file by parsing the C
standard headers and extracting what it needs. Can anyone tell me if my
conclusions are right ?

When I try to compile the phobos library, I get the following error :

** x3: running ./errno.x3.exe -o arm-mingw32ce/gcc/config/errno.d 
  -B/mnt/teton/cegcc/src/build/gcc/./gcc/ -B/opt/mingw32ce/arm-mingw32ce/bin/
  -B/opt/mingw32ce/arm-mingw32ce/lib/ -isystem
  /opt/mingw32ce/arm-mingw32ce/include -isystem
  /opt/mingw32ce/arm-mingw32ce/sys-include -DHAVE_CONFIG_H -I . -I
x3: failed to resolve macro values.

I just want to know if it means that there is a problem with the file
 "errno.h", which errno.x3 try to read or is it an internal problem of x3 ?
Jul 08 2008