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D.gnu - phobos fix, walter bright come to see (Element demo need that fix to build)

due to design of special features of class in D.
When you introduce members with the same name in a child class, you  
automatically hide the inherited name from the parent
so in phobos/std/stream.d
class EndianStream
line 2208 we should add a line as follow:
   alias Stream.read read
since read(ubyte x) is not implemented in EndianStream and when u want to  
read a ubyte identifier that would fail in EndianStream class.

also u need to change win32.d in phobos
first line originally is import std.c.windows.windows;
due to the change in dmd 0.163 import becomes privately
we need to declare it public
-import std.c.windows.windows;
+public import std.c.windows.windows;

i think dmd should include a fixed phobos!!
and phobos make file explicitly use a hardcoded path of dmd.
in phobos/internal/gc/win32.mak
in phobos/win32.mak
find the line DMD=\dmd\bin\dmd
there is a page about building phobos in WIKI4D
follow the instructions there would be fine

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Aug 17 2006