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D.gnu - Contacting GDC owner and any Patches you have

Hey there!
Does anybody know how to contact the maintainer of the GDC compiler?  I've been
trying to get in contact with him, but so far nothing has happenned.  I'm asking
all of you, because I don't see his name in this newsgroup -- at least for not a
few months.  

It seems like progress may have stalled, perhasp because he has had outside
concerns.  Being as that might be the case, I would like to know if anyone has
files that they've been working on for this project -- i.e., diffs, adds,
function breakdowns, header cleanup, whatever -- that they'd like to contribute
back to the project.  If so, I'd like to have you post your most recent, patched
versions.  Everyone can look them over and decide which one is best.  I have a
plan for the winning submission at that point.

Details to follow shortly in the main announcement thread...

-Gabe McArthur
Apr 28 2006