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D.gnu - Compiling Build

1) I attempted to build build with gdc, but failed

sclytrack ubuntu:~/Temporary/build-2.10/Source$ make
gdmd -op -release -inline -ofbuild build.d util/pathex_bn.d util/pathex.d
source_bn.d util/str.d build_bn.d util/booltype.d util/fdt_bn.d util/str_bn.d
source.d util/fdt.d util/fileex.d util/fileex_bn.d util/linetoken.d
util/linetoken_bn.d util/macro.d
/build.o:(.data+0x1fc): undefined reference to `_ModuleInfo_3std1c5linux5linux'
util/fdt.o:(.data+0x80): undefined reference to `_ModuleInfo_3std1c5linux5linux'
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status

2) So I decided to change to the dmd compiler after doing an extra
apt-get install libstdc++5, Replacing the libphobos in the /usr/lib
dumping the executables in /usr/local/bin. Setting the dmd.conf in the /etc

And it compiles without problems. :-)


Has anybody else successfully compiled build with gdc?
Apr 23 2006