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D.gnu - internal error - compiler crash

Hi all,

  Seems that I have posted this message last time in the wrong group.
  Here it goes:

Tiago Gasiba schrieb:

 The following code produces an internal compuler error with GDC 0.16:
 void foo( cdouble[] data ) {
   data[0] -= data[0].im;
 gdc bug_gdc.d
 bug_gdc.d: In function 'foo':
 bug_gdc.d:2: internal compiler error: Segmentation fault
The following code also crashes the compiler, although I think both bugs are related: <snip> void foo( cdouble[] data ) { data[0] /= cast(double)data.length; } <snip> this is a typecast problem, because the following code compiles correctly: <snip> void foo( cdouble[] data ) { data[0] /= cast(cdouble)data.length; } <snip> Tiago -- Tiago Gasiba (M.Sc.) - http://www.gasiba.de Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.
Nov 09 2005