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D.gnu - Odd code generated for "synchronized" methods

Apparently GDC 0.15 doesn't seem to emit calls to _d_monitorenter and
_d_monitorexit when a method is declared "synchronized". An example that
demonstrates this is available at
http://puolijalka.ath.cx/~ksandstr/synchronize.d and synchronize.s
(compiled with -S -O2).

Is this well-defined behaviour (i.e. that method declaration level
synchronization would be just an interface flag, and that callers are
supposed to do the entering and exiting) or a legitimate bug? Or am I
just confused, and D isn't supposed to have Java-style synchronization

Kalle A. Sandstro"m                                        ksandstr iki.fi
DB9D 0C39:              F4FF 4535 B501 4C79 B1DF  03F6 27D1 BF12 DB9D 0C39
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Aug 04 2005