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D.gnu - dmdscript with gdc

After dealing with some things that prevent dmdscript being compiled 
with gdc 0.11/gcc 3.4.3 on mac (one of them is to comment the invariant 
in dobject.d "../dmdscript/dobject.d:273: function 
dmdscript.dobject.Dobject.__invariant more than one invariant for 
Dobject" many times), it finally compiles and creates libdmdscript.a. 
"ds" can't be created in the same automated process because I get "ld: 
archive: libdmdscript.a has no table of contents, add one with ranlib(1) 
(can't load from it)". When I do "ranlib libdmdscript.a", I get "ranlib: 
archive member: libdmdscript.a(identifier.o) offset in archive not a 
multiple of sizeof(unsigned long) (must be since member is an object 
file)". And that's as far as I can get. Any help?

Carlos Santander Bernal
May 25 2005