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D.gnu - GDC RPMS, updated again

Added support for building on Darwin...
(builds a static libgcc/libstdc++ there)


Fedora Core 1:
 2.1M    i386/gdc-0.10-6.i386.rpm
 2.7M    i386/gdc-c-0.10-6.i386.rpm
 9.7M    i386/gdc-c++-0.10-6.i386.rpm
 2.2M    i686/gdc-0.10-6.i686.rpm
 2.8M    i686/gdc-c-0.10-6.i686.rpm
 9.8M    i686/gdc-c++-0.10-6.i686.rpm
Mac OS X 10.3:
 2.9M    ppc/gdc-0.10-6.ppc.rpm
 4.5M    ppc/gdc-c-0.10-6.ppc.rpm
  12M    ppc/gdc-c++-0.10-6.ppc.rpm
Haven't tried building on Red Hat Linux or Mac OS X 10.2, let me know how it goes. (ditto if anyone has OpenDarwin for X86 up: http://www.opendarwin.org/downloads/7.2.1/) --anders PS. Still using GCC 3.4.3 and installing under /opt/gdc to not cause conflicts.
Mar 03 2005