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D.gnu - GDC Install Location

In order to comply with the FHS and packages,
I've changed /usr/local/gcc-3.x to /opt/gdc.

It needs to be in a subdirectory in order to
not conflict with the system GCC (and DMD)

And /usr/local is not acceptible for such
automatically installed packages (RPM, etc)

Besides, it seems backwards to include the
gcc compiler version in the main prefix ?

One problem that I have is with systems that
already uses a ${prefix}, such as Fink or
DarwinPorts. Installing in ${prefix}/bin
is OK for gdc, but putting "gcc" there will
sure mess up future builds in the environment?

This makes doing a gdc.info or Portfile
a lot harder, unless one can come up with
a suitable sub-directory to use for GCC ?
(both the binaries, but also the libraries)

"gdc" and "dmd" should live in ${prefix}/bin,
"libphobos*" in ${prefix}/lib, and the manpages
"gdc.1" and "dmd.1" in ${prefix}/share/man/man1,
plus the import modules into ${prefix}/include/d.

but where does the regular GCC stuff go in here ?
bin/gcc, bin/g++, include/c++, lib/libstdc++, etc.
(in order to not conflict with regular C compiles)

X="${prefix}/lib/gdc-0.10-gcc-3.3.5", or something ?
(and add $X/bin on PATH and $X/lib on LD_LIBRARY_PATH)

Any ideas?
Feb 02 2005