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D - DOM questions

reply "Robert M. Münch" <robert.muench robertmuench.de> writes:
Hi, be aware the following might be silly stuff but anway I have my problems
with it:

I try to create a DLL that has one simple function start_word() that should
create a MS Word instance with a new document.

I have written the DLL and it can be used from my scripting language. The
problem I have is with the COM part. The code looks like this so far:

export extern (Windows) void start_word() {
 CLSID word_clsid;

 // Retrieve CLSID from the ProgID for Word.
 HRESULT hr = CLSIDFromProgID("Word.Application", &word_clsid);

 if(FAILED(hr)) {
   MessageBoxA(null,"Faialed to get Word CLSID","Rebol DLL Error", MB_OK);

 // Let's create a Word instance
 IUnknown word;

 hr=CoCreateInstance(&word_clsid, null, CLSCTX_ALL, &IID_IUnknown, &word);

 if (FAILED(hr)) {
  MessageBoxA(null,"Failed to create Word Object","Rebol DLL Error", MB_OK);

 // free ressource


So this is all nice and working. But now the questions arise:

1. Of course I would like to use the <IUnknown word> thing to get access to
on other interface provided by word. But what interfaces are provided? I
need a GUID for the interface. Where to get it from? I think things like
typelibraries would be my friends here. How to use these with D?

2. To get an interface I further need the interface in D. So something like

interface Word : IUnknown {
 extern (Windows):

Where the open member must match the COM implemented memember. Do I have to
build these all myself? Is there a way to get those definitions?

I looked around about all this COM stuff but only found MFC, VB etc.
infected examples that don't show just the bare facts.

Robert M. Münch
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Jan 13 2003
parent "Robert M. Münch" <robert.muench robertmuench.de> writes:
Of course the subject should have been COM questions... Robert
Jan 13 2003