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D - What about SSE/SSE2/SS3 supports in D ?

reply hlide <hlide_nospam free.fr> writes:
As you may know, GCC 4.X can use SSEx instead of FPU even for the scalar
operations. Besides, it has some SSEx intrinsics which helps us to use them
for both scalar and vector operations. Does D handle the SSE-like code
generation ? does it allow us to use SSEx intrinsics ? does it include DirectX
and OpenGL libraries ?

Aug 26 2006
parent Dan <spammable69 hotmail.com> writes:

I know for a fact that D lets you use SSE and SSE2 when you use
the asm{} statement.  If worst comes to worst, you could definitely
write the part that needs optimization in asm.

I'm not sure about SSE3 and x86_64.
Sep 27 2006