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D - conflict between std.ctype.isdigit and std.stream.isdigit


I am learning the D language, and so far, I must say I really like it.
I think it is very well designed and contrarily to some other comparable
languages it doesn't get in the way.

I am having a compilation problem though. In my main source, I wrote :

import std.stream;
import std.file;
import std.ctype;
import std.string;
import mintl.slist;

However, the compiler tells me :
..\src\phobos\std\stream.d(2912): function std.stream.isdigit conflicts with
std.ctype.isdigit at ...\src\phobos\std\ctype.d(32)

Is it a bug in the Phobos library, or did I forget something ?

A good problem report is a closed problem report.
Nov 11 2005