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D - FYI: This is the "old" D newsgroup

This is the old D newsgroup. It has very low traffic because there's usually
nothing to see here but old posts. The active D community is now hanging out
over at the new D newsgroup. I hope to see all of you there...

*The new D newsgroup*
Web: http://www.digitalmars.com/drn-bin/wwwnews?digitalmars.D
Newsgroup: news://news.digitalmars.com/digitalmars.D

More information about the D newsgroups:
(There are also other NG's relating to specific topics, such as bugs, gnu,
learning, dtl, empire, dmdscript.)

By the way, there's also a terrific wiki for D called *Wiki4D*.

Here are a couple of the most useful pages for newbies:

Sep 18 2005