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D - D and MYSQL or DB XML

reply AEon <AEon_member pathlink.com> writes:
I only discovers D a few days ago, but already I am considering recoding my game
stats tool (AEstats) written in ANSI C. I would love to be able to control a
database from my code, though:

Sofar I have been using Cygwin and Linux (Suse/Debian) to create executable for
Windows and Linux. Alas ANSI C will probably never interface with MySQL or DB

Has anyone been able to make D use/control a database library like MySQL or DB

For both of these DBs C++ libs exist, but since D is no C++ lib link compatible
(from D online manual), I am wondering if there is *any* way to control a
"powerful widespread" database from D at all?


Mar 14 2005
parent Dejan Lekic <leka entropy.tmok.com> writes:
MySQL C API is written in pure C - so I do not understand "Alas ANSI C will
probably never interface with MySQL". I do not know about DB XML - my
opinion about using XML for any kind of data-storage is absurd - i use XML
only to describe data.


Dejan Lekic
Mar 16 2005