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D - D GUI class libraries

reply Andrew Fedoniouk <news terrainformatica.com> writes:
Hi, gentlemen,

While ago I've created JavaVM and system of Java classes better suitable 
for GUI programming than standard one.

Project was named J-SMILE and I would like to port/redesign it in D.

J-SMILE project url and Java sources of GUI framework is here:

Main principles of GUI are:

1) "windowless" widgets allowing to build lightweight feauture reach UI 
with exactly same look-n-feel on different platforms.

2) event capturing/bubbling propagation schema. Very flexible and 
inspires compact event handlers and interaction. Similar to what is used 
in DHTML:  http://catcode.com/domcontent/events/capture.html

3) Themed UI. CSS alike facilities.

I would like also to write wrappers for our HTML rendering and WYSIWYG 
editing engines : http://terrainformatica.com/htmlayout and
http://terrainformatica.com/htmengine using such GUI library.

Probably I am inventing the wheel and you know some existing GUI 
libraries for D? I will appreciate a lot for links then.

Any comments, requirements and wishes are also highly useful.

Andrew Fedoniouk.
Jan 27 2005
parent Stewart Gordon <smjg_1998 yahoo.com> writes:
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Jan 28 2005