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D - Javadoc-like documentation tools

reply Stewart Gordon <smjg_1998 yahoo.com> writes:
As those who've been following my SDWF project may've figured out 
already, the documentation is coded up by hand at the mo.  But I'm 
considering the possibility of using a documentation tool.

I know of Doxygen.  Are there others that are compatible with D?

How are they for ability to:

- understand all relevant aspects of D syntax?  (Attribute blocks, 
version blocks and the like come to mond....)

- support a means of grouping/subclassifying members?

- linkify everything that ought to be linkified?

- allow custom headers/footers?

- support a variety of formatting/hyperlinks (using either raw HTML or 
its own code) in descriptions?

- generate 'clean' HTML code?

- generate HTML that I can make look how I like (e.g. by supplying a CSS 


My e-mail is valid but not my primary mailbox, aside from its being the 
unfortunate victim of intensive mail-bombing at the moment.  Please keep 
replies on the 'group where everyone may benefit.
Apr 26 2004
parent "Unknown W. Brackets" <unknown at.simplemachines.dot.org> writes:
Stewart Gordon wrote:
 - generate 'clean' HTML code?
 - generate HTML that I can make look how I like (e.g. by supplying a CSS 
While there is the very useful option to just write the code in html, this can get... difficult. It's also better in my opinion to generate the html all at once than have to update several bits - but then, that's why I work with PHP. I don't think something that could generate a rough outline would be too hard, just as long as there were enough regular expression used... :P. Personally, I find it much better to just document the code. At the top of every file, I put a large section that defines all the functions, their uses, their caveats, and anything related to them. It would then be nuts and bolts to write a quick script to grep all the comments of that sort and stuff them into some coding documentation. But, then, I've been known to be a little to quick to reinvent the wheel when I think it as current has serious flaws I don't want to force myself to live with. Perhaps doxygen or another existing solution is good enough - but personally I haven't seen anything yet that does a clean job of it in my opinion. As to the "how you want it to look like" bit, I would recommend xml and xslt for that personally. CSS can do colors and positioning, but it's no replacement for a good clean html layout - which is exactly what xslt can give you. -[Unknown]
Apr 26 2004