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D - Language comparison page

Yes, I'm another one of the slashdotters... I have some comments to make
about the 
C/C++/C#/Java page. The first of which is, using Konqueror 3.1.0, the
"mail" us button does not 
seem to work. 
More to the point, I think you are
being under-appreciative to C#; at a glimpse, I found two 
points where I think
it is treated unfairly: 
1) C# does give you control on structure alignment
and layout (via attributes) 
2) C# -- or, rather, .NET -- can generate VM
independent code. in Microsoftese, this is called 
"ahead-of-time compilation".
The only thing I'm not certain about is whether these are ECMA-standardized
features or 
Microsoft-implementation-specific ones. 
Apr 19 2004