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D - Declaration Syntax documentation errors

reply "Scott Egan" <scotte tpg.com.aux> writes:
I know there is a good chance I'm missing somthing (being the newbie and
all - thanks Phill); however, under the heading

Declaration Syntax in http://www.digitalmars.com/d/declaration.html
It quite clearly says that the declaations are left to right:
Declaration syntax generally reads left to right:
	int x;		// x is an int
	int* x;		// x is a pointer to int
	int** x;	// x is a pointer to a pointer to int
	int[] x;	// x is an array of ints
	int*[] x;	// x is an array of pointers to ints
	int[]* x;	// x is a pointer to an array of ints
	And yet every comment is reading the declaration right to left(same for the
next section in the doco)???
Apr 19 2004
parent "Walter" <walter digitalmars.com> writes:
Youch! You're right, I'll fix it.
Apr 19 2004