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D - setting array length change

I propose that the function _d_arraysetlength in internal.gc.gc
change to *not* short-cut when growing the array from 0 length.
(meaning remove the "if (p.length)" block)

This means we could reserve space for arrays using slicing:

 int[] x;
 x.length = 10000; // some big reserve
 x = x[0..0]; // not x.length = 0;

and then set the length at a later time.

If the current implementation of _d_arraysetlength is unchanged 
then when the length finally is set since the array had 0 
length a new pointer is allocated no matter what the old 
pointer had. I'd like to check the old pointer before allocating.

I also think a helper function to reserve space would be 
helpful since this "set the length to reserve" trick is not 
simple or easy to remember. This helper would look something

template reserve(T) {
  void reserve(inout T[] x, size_t len) {
    origlen = x.length;
    x.length = len;
    x = x[0..origlen];

Mar 17 2004