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D - [bug] String initializers

The following program prints garbage in DMD 0.79 on Linux:

import std.c.stdio;

int main()
   char[4] str = "abc";
   printf("%.*s\n", str);
   return 0;

It works if str is declared as having three elements, or if str is
declared static.  It also gives garbage (and no error) when str
is declared as having fewer than three elements.

If an array initializer is used instead, DMD complains that str needs
to be declared "static", and it also complains if there are too many
initializers (but not too few, though the spec says it should).

This one segfaults:

int main()
   static char[] str = "abc";
   str[0] = 'A';
   return 0;

If an array initializer is used instead, it works.

Are string initializers, and static initializers for dynamic arrays,
allowed at all?  I couldn't find any mention of array initializers in
the spec other than "Static Initialization of Static Arrays", and
it's not clear whether the second static means static-as-in-fixed-
length or static-as-in-uses-the-static-keyword.

BTW, the example shown for enum-array initialization in that section
of the spec won't work; the size of the array will be one too small,
and the enum names need to be qualified.  Is there any way to bring
the enum names into the current namespace (other than by manually
aliasing them all)?  Neither "import" nor "with" want anything to do
with an enum.

Feb 07 2004