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D - Strange crash in destructor

reply Vathix <vathix dprogramming.com> writes:
In this code the destructor crashes the program; I can't even catch the 
exception. Strange thing is that it works fine if name is a char[] or if 
I don't modify its value.

class Foo
	char* name;
		name = new char[4];
		name[0 .. 4] = "foo\0";
		delete name; //this causes it

int main()
	Foo foo = new Foo;
	return 0;

Christopher E. Miller
Feb 04 2004
parent Vathix <vathix dprogramming.com> writes:
That class wasn't needed, this does it:

char* f = new char[4];
f[0] = 'f';
delete f;
Feb 04 2004