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D - This time really with source...

OK, someone requested the source, but my provider has some serious 
problems with relaying recently, so maybe I post it here (for anyone to 
check or fix).

For anyone who wants to see how LaTeX source looks like - just start 
with several PgDowns. The unreadable clutter at the beginning is just 
this fancy chapter/section formatting and header formatting commands. I 
don't understand them either

For anyone who wants to improve :-> please tell me, so we don't do the 
same job. I can supply you with html code that it was based on, to make 

And for the one who mentioned Lout. THANK YOU! I didn't know about this 
software. Lout compares to Latex like AmigaOS to UNIX... Or D to C++ 
(for someone who doesn't get it: it's 100 times better designed, 100 
times simplier, 100 times smarter)...
Jan 30 2004