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D - BUG?? std.string.toString(uint) vs std.date.toString(d_time)

Hi, I think there is a bug in Phobos: when I try to use std.string and
std.date there is a conflict between the toString(uint) and toSTring(d_time)
functions. I solve this naming each function with the full name (i.e.
std.string.toString, ...) but I think this should work without all this

I looked the date.d sources and I found that d_time is an alias of 'long',
instead of a typedef, why? Has this to work in this way? or maybe I'm too

I think the way to go is making a class library, i.e. writing a Time class
with Time objects (avoiding Gregorian Calendars nonsense ;-). I know that
Walter loves functions (and his functions are ok), but in this case I think
that an object oriented classic design is better.

Thanks. Comments please ...
Jan 29 2004