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D - Code Blocks

This just occurred to me.

Right now in D we have 3 ways of doing blocks although they are used for 
different things.  Parhaps they could be made uniform.


//Block type 1
{ }
export (C) { }

//Block type 2 (a single line block)
export (C)
if ()

//Block type 3
case N:

Parhaps you should be able to do:
export (C):
case N {} //This has been mentioned before as a no fall through alternative
case (N) ... //Single line case statement
public { }
void func() ... //Single line function (probably hard to phase)
void func1() : //Continues until the next function (probably hard to phase)

Just an idea that I'm putting up for discussion that I don't have much 
of an opinion on (except for the switch stuff, but lets not bring that 
up again)
Jan 16 2004