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D - Announce leds 00.06 for linux

Announce leds 00.06 for linux

If you can deal with incomplete features, the 
keyboards shortcuts I use (some from eclipse defaults, not configurable)
and the retrictions on the project directory tree structure try it!
For D I prefer leds over nedit, kate, gedit, jext or emacs.
words of advice though:
- leds didn't crash at all last evening ;)
- leds doesn't check if the files in buffer were modified before closing
- leds doesn't check if the files in buffer were modified externally before

of course leds is gpl including all the gpl disclaimers.
read the gpl license before using it.

the next release will be the "user frindly" release but first I'll see
if it can really run on windows.

new features (now we are talking source code editor not text editor
with sintax highlight)
- select a var/function name and right click to jump to it's declaration.
for vars the module where it is define will be oppened.
vastly improved:
- code browser
- code lookup (press ctrl+space for valid vars/functions on the current context)
(leds doesn't know about inheritance yet - ie super var/functions will not show)

don't forget leds it's still alpha most features have
only a partial implementation.

get it at http://leds.sourceforge.net

see the download page for status and changes

linux binary available: if you have gtk installed
(most linux instalation have) just gunzip it and go.

Jan 16 2004