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D - [Bug?] modules - identifier is not defined

C:\Program Files\DIDE\Projects\test6\e.d(7): identifier 'ddd' is not defined

C:\dmd\bin\dmd.exe -g -gt -debug  -IC:\dig   
-odC:\PROGRA~1\DIDE\Projects\test6 -oftest6.exe "C:\Program 
Files\DIDE\Projects\test6\d.d" "C:\Program 
Files\DIDE\Projects\test6\e.d" "C:\Program 
Files\DIDE\Projects\test6\test6.d" "C:\Program 

Am I doing something wrong, or is it a compiler bug?

ddd ee () { dd(); ddd h; return h;}

It doesn't like the ddd struct return value which is in another module. 
If I write:

void ee () { dd(); ddd h;}

things are fine.

It seems it seems to be the order the compiler does things.

If it's not a bug, parhaps a better error message would help, if possible.

Jan 07 2004