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D - bug : struct name crash compiler

I am very glad to release new compiler version!
Thanks for the wonderful gift of a happy new year!

But , I am in trouble by some compiler bugs (maybe not implemented?).

1.struct name which has the same name as module name crash the compiler.

module SDL_version;
struct SDL_version {

It is why SDL can't compile.

2.interface can't downcast.

interface A {}
interface B {}
class C : A,B {}

A a = new C;
C c = cast(C)a; // c would be null , it is not a proper downcast.

I was avoiding this issue by using abstract class , but D doesn't accept
multiple inheritances like this :

abstract class A {}
abstract class B {}
class C : A,B {} // compile error

I found another bugs , but above two are very fateful.
So I very much want to fix quickly above two bugs.

Jan 03 2004