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D - [bug] Using a single-character string in std.string.rfind

I found a problem in std.string.rfind when a single-character string is 
used, an "Error: ArrayBoundsError string(413)" is produced.  I know if I 
used a character literal the problem goes away, but I still think this 
is a hole that should be plugged.

I came up with a two-line fix for rfind(char[], char[]) in string.d that 
might be a good way to fix it:

	if (sub.length == 1)
		return rfind(s, sub[0]);

I'm sure there's another way to fix it, but this is the first one I found.

The file rfind_char.d shows the Phobos problem, and when it's compiled 
with "-version=fix", my fix is shown.

Dec 21 2003