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D - Announce: leds for linux only DMD 0.76 (DUI 00.07_82)

reply Ant <duitoolkit yahoo.ca> writes:
leds is starting to get interesting.
It's still alpha but usable and actually
quite enjoyable
(well, I made it... looks good to me ;).

I don't advice you to make it your D editor for now.
(I'm using leds exclusivelly for almost 2 months now
with no major problems)

check the leds homepage:

There is a problem with linking to Scintilla lib.
(I modifed my local Scintilla lib)
The easy way is to try the binary file.
$ gunzip leds_00.03_22_bin.gz
$ chmod u+x leds_00.03_22_bin
$ ./leds_00.03_22_bin
(let me know if that works)

The latest feature is a pre-alpha quality code
browser. It's limited and can't even count lines correctly
but already helps navigating the source file.
This code browser version doesn't know about many
D features and will get confused if they exist
on the code.

Nov 30 2003
parent Ant <Ant_member pathlink.com> writes:
The correct the leds homepage is:

Dec 01 2003