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D - standard library name

i thought about opening a new topic for this would help a bit.

d is not an option, as there is too much use for d as a variable name in
general. the simple example float a,b,c,d,e,... would be very ugly.

same for D.

now you can say, who uses D as a varible name? well.. i do. plane equations are
in general defined like this:
Ax + By + Cz + D = 0. so my planes all have A,B,C,D..

it should at least have 3 characters imho, and at best not, or not much, more.

how about all? just came to my mind..

oh, and, about what should be in the core lib, and what not.

i don't think we need a core. bether make small cores, and call the standard
requirement the collection of those cores..



(where os could be win32, or linux, or, if platform independent, simply "os" :D)


we should bether start writing individual components and THEN vote what should
get into the core, and how..

lets organize something like boost.org, and built up together a good standard. a
good standart takes time to evolve.

and till then, we can stay with phobos.

there is not much gain in trowing all into one name.. make the components
Oct 23 2003