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D - BUG: another 2 to do with abstract

1. Attached example compiled as it is:

It compiles, but don't successfully link saying that the bar ctor
symbol is undefined. Commenting out the subclass and/or the
instantiation of the subclass, removes the error.

2. Attached example with the commented out statement enabled:

Compilation error saying that it isn't possible to instantiate
the abstract class subbar, although it is clearly not abstract, just
inheriting an abstract class. This seems to happen when the
abstract base class implements one of it's methods.

Lars Ivar Igesund

begin 666 abstractsub.d
M86)S=')A8W0 8VQA<W, 8F%R('L-" T*("!T:&ES*"D >WT-" T*(" O+R!V
M;VED(&9O;R I('M]#0H-"GT-" T*8VQA<W, <W5B8F%R(#H 8F%R('L-" T*
M("!T:&ES*"D >WT-"B  #0I]#0H-"G9O:60 ;6%I;B I#0I[#0H ("!N97< 
Oct 08 2003