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D - D-bugging


I was just trying to debug a hello world D program.
The DMD commandline that I used was this one:
c:\dmd\bin\dmd.exe -g -gt -debug -odC:\PROGRA~1\DIDE\Projects\T -version=Win
dowsXP  T.exe "C:\Program Files\DIDE\Projects\T\T.d" -I\dmd\src
but resulting executable does not seem to have enough debug information.

I tried to use windbg to debug the program but I failed to locate _Dmain.
The .map file does not provide the address of _Dmain and setting up a watch
on _Dmain in windbg fails as well.

Is there a tutorial how to use windbg with D programs?
Jan-Eric Duden
Oct 05 2003