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D - Announce DUI 00.05 (last alpha)

reply Ant <Ant_member pathlink.com> writes:
Announce DUI 00.05 (last alpha)
We are getting close to call it "beta".
Windows users please wait another couple of days.

main page http://ca.geocities.com/duitoolkit/index.html
download http://ca.geocities.com/duitoolkit/downloadPage.html

Here is the status for this one.

* This should be the last release before an official "beta" release.
  if you were waiting for a stable DUI release with (almost)
  all the high level GTK+ features this is it.
  plunge into it an report any bugs found! please check the bug list page.
  ask howto question to get the answers into the small tutorial page.
* (Still) Missing:
 o menu item factory
 o small number of callback functions (on the Dispatcher class)
 o accel groups
 o remove some buggy implementations of features not target to the first


Benji, What are the space restriction on the D repository?
I'm using 14_087_312 bytes at yahoo,
most of it are is the API generated by doxygen and rarely or never gets hits.
Sep 29 2003
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DUI discussion group
Oct 03 2003