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D - Repository Bug Tracking

reply Benji Smith <dlanguage xxagg.com> writes:
You may have read the news that I finally rejected the GForge code.
There were just too many hard-coded paths. There was not enough room
for customization or componentization (if I wanted to rip out the
project forums and replace them with a phpBB, it would have been very
time consuming). The system was very very tied to CVS, and I would
rather use subversion than CVS.

Anyhow, now that I've decided not to use GForge, I'm stitching
together several different systems. For example, I'm using phpBB for
the forums. And I had tentatively picked phpBugTracker as the
bugtracking system ( read more about it here:
http://sourceforge.net/projects/phpbt/ ). It seems to have made pretty
good inroads into separating functional code from presentation code
(something that hasn't been completed yet with bugzilla), which is a
feature that I'll need in order to integrate it with the rest of the
systems on my site.

But I figured it would also be a good idea to solicit your input.

If you know of a bugtracking system that is, for some reason, better
than everything else in the world, let me know. Here are some

 * It should be written in php or perl (like it or not, this is where
my web expertise exists)

 * It should be written in such a way that I can completely replace
the template, changing the visual appearance to suit my own needs.

 * It should be fantastic.

If you know of any bugtracking systems that I should be aware of, let
me know.

Sep 25 2003
parent "Joel Lucsy" <jjlucsy usol.com> writes:
Well, it doesn't meet your first requirement, but I've found Jira at
is simply fantastic. I've tested nearly every bug-tracker found on the Web
and haven't found anything else comparable.

Joel Lucsy
Sep 25 2003