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DMDScript - Dynamic Languages, Scripting, etc. Conference in Pescadero [Bay Area] This Weekend Sept 26-28th

SmartFriends™ U: Languages & Libraries

Lots of interesting people from commercial and research communities are
likely to be attending. As I understand it this will be an intimate [30-50
person] conference with lots of time for discussions, interaction, and
debate amongst active users and leaders within various language communities.

September 26-28th [THIS WEEKEND]

It is taking place starting Friday Evening and ending Sunday Evening.
Check-in looks like it begins around 3PM on Friday.

-- Dave S. [Smallscript Corp]


S# for the AOS & .NET Platforms

David.Simmons Smallscript.com


Here's the announcement:


Too busy to keep up with advances in languages and libraries? Wish you had
more time to learn about Boost, Whisper, and a bit about those dynamic
languages you hear about? Join us to hear from leading practitioners and
computer scientists, and enjoy some face-to-face time with other insatiably
curious people.

Details and registration: http://SmartFriends.com/U

What: Expert speakers, fireside chats, and domain expert guides providing
lab-style walk-throughs. An affable gathering of knowledgeable attendees, as
well, sharing ideas and insights on language and library topics.

Who: Alex Stepanov, keynote, author of STL

Sean Parent

Chris Page

Paul Snively

Lisa Lippincott

Wolf Rentzsch

Mac Murrett

When: September 26-28, Friday evening through Sunday afternoon.

Check-in starts at 3pm, dinner at 6:30pm

Where: In the redwoods of the San Francisco peninsula coast-side, near
Pescadero (between Santa Cruz and Half Moon Bay).

Cost: $475. This covers everything, including meals and a double-occupancy
hotel room. For a bit less, $425, you can enjoy the familiar, rustic
ambience of a camp-style cabin.

Enter "SFU237" in the Comments field to get the price listed above.

Please feel free to pass this along and to tell friends and coworkers about
it (no need to be on the list to attend).

Details and registration: http://SmartFriends.com/U
Sep 22 2003