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D - typedef uint Reserved

Just something I thought people might be interested in.

In synsoft.win32.types, I've defined the Reserved type, which I'm then using
in the declaration of various OS APIs. Because it's a typedef, I can't mix
the arguments (which is nice when you've got eight or more of them in some
reg fns), so it adds safety. It works for both pointers and integers
(DWORDS), e.g.

 LONG RegCreateKeyExA(in HKEY hkey, in LPCSTR lpSubKey, in Reserved
reserved, in Reserved reserved, in DWORD dwOptions, in REGSAM samDesired, in
LPSECURITY_ATTRIBUTES lpSecurityAttributes, out HKEY hkeyResult, out DWORD

Of course, on some architectures/OSs, this would not be valid. However,
because it's defined in a win32 module, it's perfectly safe.
Sep 19 2003