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D - What's the problem here?

reply Alen Siljak <alen djesi.ba_nospam> writes:
I get the following error when compiling:

  Error 42: Symbol Undefined __Class_13my_dialog_box13my_dialog_box
  Error 42: Symbol Undefined 
--- errorlevel 2

In dig_dlg.d I have

import my_dialog_box;

	void cmd_new_dbox_Click()
		// my_dialog_box db = new my_dialog_box();
		// db.showModal();
		(new my_dialog_box).showModal();

and some more code that works if the body of this method is commented.
The my_dialog_box.d is simple:

module my_dialog_box;

import net.BurtonRadons.dig.main;

class my_dialog_box : Frame
	this ()	
		caption ("Hello program");


I tried both with and without module statement.
So, the question is how do I use a class from another module (my own, 
that is)?


Sep 19 2003
parent Alen Siljak <alen djesi.ba_nospam> writes:
Hm, after unpacking (still hot) 0.73, the mentioned example compiles 
fine within DIDE?! Cool.
Sep 19 2003