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D - D runtime

Actually the following modules are part of Phobos:
- the gc package (gc2/)
- invariant.d
- array.d
- arraycat.d
- arraycast.d
- assert.d
- cast.d
- invariant.d
- ti_*.d
- etc...

These modules are not intended to be directly imported,
but to be used through D syntax:
 char[] a = "hel", b = "lo", c;
 c = a ~ b; //this is a call to the function arraycat._d_arraycat()
I think these modules shouldn't be part of Phobos, but should be a separate library to prevent the programmer to inadvertently import those. =) I do like a lot the possibility to modify the D runtime library to make it suit the programmer's needs. I can even modify the garbage collector to make it malloc the memory, that is to make new work as in C++, as somebody wanted. ;-) Anyway, this should be documented. And there should be the _new() and _delete() functions somewhere that call the gc by default. -Dario
Sep 13 2003