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D - Overload problem

Such code used to compile:

  void test(char []s,char d) {  printf("char\n"); }
  void test(char []s,double d) {  printf("double\n"); }
  void test(char []s,cdouble d) {  printf("xdouble\n"); }

  int main()
    double x;
    return 0;

Now the compiler returns:

  function test overloads void(char[]s,char d) and void(char[]s,cdouble d) both
match argument list
for test

If you remove the parameter s (4x), the code compiles and works as expected.

Helmut Leitner    leitner hls.via.at
Graz, Austria   www.hls-software.com
Sep 09 2003